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How To Prevent Constipation

Although being constipated is not life threatening, going through it is a very uncomfortable experience. You will feel bloated and you would be bothered of the constant feeling of trying to relieve yourself. In fact, when constipation can become worse, there can be instances of bleeding on your anus and it can also lead to having hemorrhoids. Thus, it is best to prevent it, so that you won’t have to deal with all the frustrations that you […]

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How To Prevent Hair Loss In Women

Surprising as it may seem, female hair loss actually affects around 25 million women in United States alone, as recent statistics indicated. Because of this, many women today are quite concern about the health of their hair. Women often regard their locks as one of the factors that make them look as beautiful as they are, as it is also one of the things that complete their fashion statement. Thus, it is best for one to know […]

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How To Prevent High Blood Pressure

prevent high blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is considered by many people even medical practitioners as the silent killer. This is because it can get you affected at anytime of the day without giving any kind of warning signals. In fact, though it was considered as an age-related disease before, recent findings have proven that high blood pressure can now affect anyone at any age bracket, which includes teens and even children. It should be noted though that there […]

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How To Prevent Lice

prevent lice

In these modern times, there are still people that get affected of head lice. These types of lice are usually found only in human scalp, for they cannot survive on animals. They feed on human blood, and whenever they do, it irritates the person that has them, since it can cause a lot of itchiness and pain. Aside from that, when head lice move from one hair strand to another, that can also cause a lot of […]

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How To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Bites from mosquitoes are not only annoying, but they can also lead to certain diseases like malaria and dengue, especially in certain countries. Mosquito bites are not just itchy, but they can also make rashes to appear on your skin. When that happens, it is not a good sight to see when you have dozens of mosquito bites on your skin, since it would appear like you have patches on that are colored in red. In addition, […]

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