How To Apply Eye Makeup

Although you can apply makeup in various parts of your face, making your eyes come alive with proper application of eye makeup, is considered an art by lots of women, since it can really enhance your gorgeous looks. This is actually one of the reasons why a lot of women are now trying to improve their skills in eye makeup application.

If you are still on the learning process about applying makeup on your eyes, then you should not hesitate in experimenting on different shades of colors, as well as techniques, so that you will soon be able to determine the ones that would suit you best.

Therefore, if you have not obtained the materials for applying makeup on your eyes yet, then you should do so soon, so that you will be able to develop your skills and wow your friends about it.

Applying makeup is indeed an art, in which each stroke of your brush is very important, since it will contribute to the final outcome of your efforts. Learning how to apply eye makeup properly is not a very difficult task, as long as you take note of steps that will guide you through it.

apply eye makeup

The first step that you can take for it is to make use of a concealer. The purpose of using concealer is to hide the blemishes or discolorations below your eyes, in order to properly prepare it for the eye makeup.

Applying the concealer should be done by patting it with your finger, instead of rubbing it. It should be done slowly, in which you have to start from the inner corner towards the outer edge.

Before you apply your eyeliner, it is best to make use of an eye base first, which should be applied on the lid of your eyes. This application will help in retaining your eyeshadow longer than usual. Aside from that, it will also prevent your eyeshadow to become greasy after a number of hours of wearing it.

Your next step is to make use of your eyeliner, in which you should do it to line your eyes as close to its upper and bottom lashes as possible. This should be done in a gentle stroke, which should go from the middle to the outer part of your eyes.

After the eyeliner, it is time to prepare your eyeshadow, which has the shade of color that will blend well with your skin tone. Most ladies who are still learning how to apply eye makeup use three toned eyeshadow for it, in which they make use of the light color first at the lid, to be followed by the medium color, and be completed with the darker color, around the crease of their eyes. After this, you can make use of your favorite mascara, in order to put the finishing touches on your eye makeup.

With these steps, there is no doubt that you will be able to discover the artist in you, in terms of enhancing your looks with the use of eye makeup. Apply the steps soon, so that you can surprise your friends about it, and make them envy your beauty.

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