How to Clean a House and Have Fun at the Same Time

Cleaning a house can be a bit of workload if you do it all by yourself. If you are living in a small apartment by yourself, cleaning the entire area might be a little bit easier. But if you have a big house and are planning to have a general cleaning of the entire house, then you might want to ask for help from your family or friends. Performing tasks can always be a little lighter when you have someone helping you doing it.

There are no guidelines and rules on how to clean a house, you can do it any way you want it and whenever you want to do it. Asking help from you family or friends can make the task of cleaning your house a lighter load for you.

For example if you have kids, you can train them on how to clean a house from the very start. Well, not exactly cleaning the house, but a part of the house will do. He or she can clean his or her own room, for an instance.

Teach your children to be responsible kids by training them on how to pick up their mess and organize their things inside their rooms. Organize things where they belong and stack them neatly in one corner.

clean house

Sort out things that they no longer need and throw them directly to the trash bin. Simply tasks like these can be done by children, so give them the responsibility of cleaning their room. However, as a parent, of course, you would need to check what they have done.

After they have cleaned their room, check it if they have done a good job and check the trash bin as well, maybe they have thrown out something important that they think were unimportant.

Praise them once they have done a good job and give them a reward. Cook their favorite meal if you have too, just a simple symbolization to show that you appreciated what they have done.

As for you, you can clean the house from the cleanest to dirtiest. You can start cleaning in the cleaner part of the house and end up in the dirtiest part of the house.

The rationale behind this is simple; the clean part of the house needs minimal cleaning, so you can save your energy to the dirty part of the house. Also, when you clean the cleaner part of the house first, you will be less contaminated with dust and dirt so when you end up in the dirty part of the house, you can wipe and sweep them all together.

This principle goes the same when cleaning kitchen wares. Cleaning the spoons, glasses and plates should be done first before cleaning the casseroles and pots that you have used in cooking. To prove that this theory is correct, try to look at your cleaning sponge, if you clean the casseroles and pots first, you would gather a lot of dirt in your sponge.

You would be cleaning the same messy sponge with your spoons and glasses staining them as well. Knowing how to clean a house is not a big deal, as long as you are having fun in what you do. It won’t take long until you will be able to finish cleaning your entire house.

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