How to Clean My Computer and Making It work Faster

Having trouble with the delayed response or feedback of your computer? Does your computer bug down or lag in the middle of your work? These computer troubles are common and you should know how to manage them well. When I knew how to clean my computer for the first time, it was a big help for me.

The reason behind the slow movement or processing of the computer is usually due to the overload it has on the hard drive. When we save files or install programs, it goes directly into the hard drive.

Therefore, if we have been using the computer for a long time, there is a big chance that the computer would have minor lag in the long run. Eventually, all computers lead to this end stage, but this is not the end point of your relationship with your computer. You can still keep your computer the way it was before and up and running in a condition. This is how to clean my computer hard drive.

The only way to do this is by organizing and sorting out the unimportant files or programs. Once you have done doing this, everything will sail by smoothly as it is. Check the storage capacity of your hard drive. If it is left with only a few available memory, it is high time for you to clean your hard drive files.

Check out all your installed programs and saved files. Look out for those files or programs that you no longer use. If possible, delete as many unused files or programs that you have as many as you can, as to give way and give a lager available space in your hard drive.

Between the selection of files or programs to delete, it is best to keep an eye on the files that you will be deleting. These files may be important and you might only have on copy of it. Unlike for programs, if you have deleted them, you can easily install the again to your computer system. Therefore, take note when deleting important files or documents. To be on the safe side, save these files or document in a USB port or a CD ROM to ensure that you will be not deleting any important files or documents.

Another advantage of saving files into these drives is that you can carry it around anywhere you go. You can open the files in any computer, giving you a much easier life.

Another technique I have learned on how to clean my computer is by organizing my desktop in an orderly manner. Keeping desktop icons in one corner and creating short cut to those programs that you frequently use can help big time in saving your hard drive.

Do not save too much files in a folder, if possible, segregate each file according to their need or purpose. Documents, files, pictures, movies and music should be separated in each folder. This is only not to save your hard drive from files, but also it can be easier for you when the time come that you would search for a specific file.

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