How to Cure Acne Scars

Acne is a skin condition that is characterized by the inflammation of skin and the occurrence of pimples. It is usually annoying not just because of the fact that it is itchy, but it also affects a person’s appearance.

In fact, many people who have acne lose a certain level of self-esteem, which is why it is important to know how to cure it. One of the biggest problems in having acne is having acne scars.

The higher the degree of acne infection a person has, the worse his scars would be.
Here are some remedies that you can make use of at home, in order to cure acne scars.

1. Baking Soda – Microdermabrasion treatments are often practiced to aid the features of the skin, and this type of procedure usually makes use of baking soda. With the baking soda that you can find in your kitchen, you can actually exfoliate your skin with it or go through a mini microdermabrasion treatment.

All you got to do is to make the solution first by mixing two teaspoonfuls of clean water with a teaspoon of the baking soda. Mix the solution properly, and apply it on your acne scars topically. Let it stay for a minute or two, before rinsing it off.

cure acne scars

2. Vitamin E – Taking Vitamin E supplements will greatly help in healing your acne scars, especially if you combine it with the use of the baking soda. By taking vitamin E, you will be able to supply your skin with its needed nutrients in order to get well.

In other words, you will be attacking your scars from within with this vitamin, while the soda is doing its thing from the outside. Just make sure to choose a reputable manufacturer for your supplement, so that you can expect your skin to become as radiant as you want it to be after a week or so.

3. Lemon Juice – Lemons are the best remedy for acne scars that have become quite dark. This is because the lemon juice has natural properties, which will lighten up your skin. To make use of it, just make use of a cotton ball to apply the lemon juice on your scars.

Let it stay for a period of 10 minutes on your scars, before washing it off with clean water. Put some sunscreen on the area you applied the juice on, before you expose yourself to sun, since lemon juice has a tendency of making your skin photosensitive.

These are some of the remedies that you can follow in order to cure acne scars. Keep in mind that preventing more acne build up is also very important to cure the scars. Thus, make sure to avoid getting too stressed out, eating oily foods, and sleeping too late at night. Live a healthier lifestyle, so that you will no longer have to deal with acne in the future.

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