How to Find Out Who Owns a Property

Are you looking for a property? And you want to find out the owner of the property? Well, because of today’s technology, this isn’t hard or difficult anymore. There are short and affordable ways to look for the owner of a certain property. There may be some restriction but let me give you options how to find out who owns a property:

If a property is located in a subdivision, you can go to the office of the subdivision and ask for the property’s owner information like name, contact number and email. If the office of the subdivision won’t give you any information you can call or go to the tax collector’s office.

If a property is located with a neighbourhood, you can ask the neighbours if they know who owns the property. This may help you if they know the owner and they may be able to provide you information.

The tax collector officer of a certain location may have contact information of the property owner. Usually they have phone books that store the numbers of the property owner, which you can use to contact the owner.

However, if the tax collector couldn’t provide you the information, you can go and search at go to county clerk office. Every property is listed under government listings and they will surely have lists of the owners of the property.

If you know someone from the office then it would be simple or easy for you. However, there are some properties that were kept private and the information could still be hidden.

Finding out the property owner, could also be easy if you can hire a private investigator. They can do the entire search for you. Look for a private investigator that will not cost you that much.

find out who owns property

Let the investigator know or show the investigator the certain property that you are interested with. Surely, the investigator will give you important results.

Last but not the least is the usage of technology – computer and Internet. The online access can be a great way to access some information about a certain property. If you know the address of the property, you can actually type in the address in the search engine like Yahoo or Google.

There would be surely several sites or listings that will be provided. Not all sites though may be helpful but could be a potential answer to your query.

You may look into real estate sites if the certain property is for sale. If the property is listed, some relevant information will surely be provided like where to meet the contact person, or they may leave their contact number as well.

These tips will surely help you how to find out who owns a property.

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