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How To Treat Herpes

In general, there are two types of herpes that affects lots of people these days. One of which can cause cold sores around your lips or on your mouth, and the other type involves cold sores not just on your mouth and lips, but also on the genital area of your body. Although herpes, whether type 1 or 2, is not a life threatening disease, it can actually cause different types of conditions, which can get you weaken, especially when it is left untreated. Without proper treatment, […]

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Natural Ways on How to Cure Herpes

Most people call it sexually transmitted disease, but the scientific name is really herpes. It is important to learn about this contagious disease. This HSV or Herpes Simplex Virus resides after exposure to herpes virus in the nerve of ganglia. It is common for both sexes- males and females. There are two types of this disease and we will discuss further on how to cure herpes. Usually, the genital herpes is spread through sexual contact through vaginal, oral or anal sex to a person who is a […]

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