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How To Prevent Lice

In these modern times, there are still people that get affected of head lice. These types of lice are usually found only in human scalp, for they cannot survive on animals. They feed on human blood, and whenever they do, it irritates the person that has them, since it can cause a lot of itchiness and pain. Aside from that, when head lice move from one hair strand to another, that can also cause a lot of annoyance to a person, which will make him irritable. Having […]

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How To Treat Lice

Head lice can cause a lot of stress to a person. This is because lice can make the scalp really itchy, and to some extent they can also cause pain. Lice infestation can actually occur to any individual; however, children are more prone to it, because of the fact that they are usually found in schools, where there is a big possibility that their friends have it. Lice infestation is actually very contagious, where the lice can simply jump from one person to another and infect the […]

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