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The Cause of Conjunctivitis and How to Treat Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis is an infection of the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids. It’s generally referred to as pink eye, simply because the white’s of the eyes are red. The lids and all the surrounding skin can be red, painful, and itchy. The causes are generally bacterial or viral infections. Inflammation (redness, discomfort and swelling) is brought on by infection. Exposures to irritants (chemicals) can trigger the inflammation, too. The infection can be spread from 1 eye to the other and from […]

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How to Cure Pink Eye

There are lots of annoying diseases or conditions that people experience and one of which is pink eye. Pink eye is actually known as conjunctivitis in the medical community, and it is characterized by the inflammation of the inner part of your eyelids, as well as the outer layer of your eye. It is usually an isolated case, where only one eye of a person gets infected. However, in the early stages of the infection, if you rub the infected eye and accidentally touch your other eye […]

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