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How To Cure Food Poisoning

Foodborne illness or what is commonly called food poisoning are usually caused by a variety of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, prions or parasites that contaminate food, rather than chemical or natural toxins. This illness usually occurs from improper food handling, preparation, as well as improper food storage. Good hygiene practices are really a must before, during, and after food preparation since it helps reduce the chances of contracting illnesses. Food poisoning can also be caused by a large variety of toxins that affect the environment. The action of […]

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How to Treat Food Poisoning in Children At Home

Food poisoning is commonly caused by eating contaminated foods which can be usually observed after eating dairy products, meat or eggs that are infected with E.Coli, bacteria that is harmful to the body. A food may look clean and fresh to eat, but it may be contaminated, no one can be sure. Therefore, it is very important to know how to treat food poisoning at the first sign of it. Food poisoning can be dangerous, especially in children, so you have to take note on specific measures […]

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