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How To Cure A Stye

A stye is known as an eye infection which is caused by a blockage in the eyelid glands. Typically, this is not a cause that people need to worry since it heals and goes away on its own. The thing is, a stye can develop inward or outward, and may look like a pimple at the base of the eyelids. In some rare cases, both eyes may develop styes at the same time. When the whole eyelid becomes infected, that is the time that it will require […]

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How to Treat a Stye on Your Eyes

Styes are unwanted condition in our eyes that can happen anytime. It can give you the red eyelid bump surface on the most important day of your life. It can cause intense pain and itch on your eyes, and sometimes can give you a blurred vision or sensitivity to light. Knowing how to treat a stye is important so you would know what to do in case of this condition will happen to you. A stye can last until 4 days, and first aid procedures can help […]

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