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Effective Ways How to Treat Sunburn

When we are having fun under the sun, we cannot notice the effect of the heat on our skin, until later on. After we have had all the fun, we will start to feel the unwanted and nasty sunburn on our skin. This is the common after effect for those people who expose themselves too much under the sun. This should be avoided because studies have shown that people who gets exposed to the sun most of the time, has a bigger chance in having skin cancer. […]

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Sure Tips on How to Cure Sunburn

There is no doubt that there is the tendency of getting sunburn if you spend the rest of your afternoon at the beach with scorching heat of the sun. Millions of people suffer from sunburn because their body parts are over exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. The worst thing is if it would be accompanied with other health problems like dizziness, sensitivity to light, blisters, and nausea not just peeling of skin. The ideal ways on how to cure sunburn are discussed below. First to know is […]

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First Aid on How to Treat a Sunburn

Pain and reddened color of the skin after prolonged exposure under the sun is a positive sign of sunburn. Having exposed under the sun even less than 15 minutes unprotected by any source of protection will also give you other symptoms of sunburn such as itching, peeling skin, rash, nausea, fever, blisters on shoulders, and syncope (fainting) are also the symptoms of sunburn. Usually, the later symptoms can also be a sign of dehydration. Since sunburn in unnoticeable while you are under the sun, you will can […]

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