Knowing How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Make up brushes are the most important tool when you apply make-up. Whether you are a professional make-up artist, or a plain individual who has passion for make-ups, it is important for you to know how to clean makeup brushes.

A good hygiene is very important in putting on make-up because you will be dealing and touching the face- one of the most sensitive yet essential part of a person’s body.

Make-ups can transform people; it can emphasize ones natural beauty. Therefore it is not a mystery why people apply make-up everyday on their faces. Application of make-up is not applicable only to females, but to males as well. Make-up does not only refer to putting eye shadows and cheek blush on, but even light touch of powder or concealer on your face is already considered as make-up.

As time passes by, as you use your make-up brushes more often, it can accumulate dirt and bacteria that cannot be seen by the naked eye. You would just be surprised to see breakouts on your face leaving you an unhealthy face. Therefore knowing how to clean makeup brushes is essential so you would have a healthy and clean face. Here are the ways on how to clean makeup brushes.

clean makeup brushes

The things you will need will only be a towel, a hair shampoo and your different kinds of make-up brushes you use. The first step that you should do is wet the bristles of the brushes with warm water. Keep the water running as to help remove some of the dirt and bacteria on the bristles.

Once the make-up brushes are wet enough, put a pea size amount of shampoo into the bristles and lather the shampoo gently. Make sure not to lather the shampoo forcibly on the bristles as this would result to falling of some of the bristles of the make-up brushes.

This usually happens if the make-up brushes are too old or not sturdy by nature. After 2 minutes of lathering, rinse the bristles though warm running water again. Rinse the bristles of the make-up brushes thoroughly and make sure to remove all the shampoo that was used in it.

You may continue to repeat this procedure again for 2 times or until when you can see no more color on the bristles of your make-up brushes. Set it aside and allow it to dry by air.

You may clean your make-up brushes as often as you can. The more you clean your brushes, the better because you will not be prone to any harmful blemishes or breakouts. If you are a professional and would like to make pretty sure your brushes are clean and safe to use, there are cleaning solution designed for make-up brushes available on most beauty shops.

Although it may cost more, but you can be rest assured that you will be giving your clients only the best service there is. But economic wise, why spend a fortune in a cleaning solution when you can clean your make-up brushes with items you can find in your own homes?

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