Easy Ways On How To Become Fat

If you are one of those people who have problems gaining weight, then you are definitely one of the luckiest persons since a lot of people are complaining about gaining weight and yet here you are asking yourself on how to become fat.

There are a lot of factors which makes a person fat and if you are interested in these things, then here are some tips which you might want to try out;

Skipping meals specifically breakfast is something that you need to avoid when losing weight, but for those who wish to become fat, this may sound like a strange way to gain fat, but if you skip meals (especially breakfast) your body can think its starving. When your body goes into starvation mode, it becomes extra proficient at storing calories as fat. A good way to take advantage of this would be to go 10-12 hours without eating, like by skipping breakfast, and then gorge yourself with as big a lunch as you can. This way your body will be saving every little calorie you give it.

You might want to try increasing your meal portions. You simply aren’t going to get fat eating small girly portions of food. A reliable way to pack on the pounds is to eat double of whatever you think you need. If you need help in this area, try ordering anything in a restaurant. It’s almost certain that they will provide you with more than one serving of everything. Also, always remember to ‘supersize it’ any time you can.

Eating fast food would definitely make you fat so try considering eating fast food more often. Fast food restaurants are like the main reason why people become obese and gain weight easily. These places not only serve the most fattening foods, they also genuinely want to help you in your commitment to put on fat. They provide cheap, fast, and extraordinarily fattening additions to the weight gain diet.

become fat

Sleeping less will give your body less rest which will increase your stress throughout the day. Stress is not only a great motivator for eating, but it also intensifies some levels of certain hormones that stimulate weight gain so if you wish to become fat, then try to sleep less and you would definitely find yourself eating most of the time since another reason that sleeping less is great is that now you’ll have more time to eat.

With the tips on how to become fat, you definitely would see yourself double your size if you consider the tips. You might also avoid exercising so your body would not burn fat so you get to increase your weight. Avoid doing strenuous physical activities as well so you would not have time to burns your calorie intake.

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