How to Become a Bartender without Paying a Single Cent

One of the most rewarding jobs for a person who has the ability to entertain and serve people drinks at the same time is bartending. Most people who are into this kind of career are those who are fun and responsible. If you should know there are two ways on how to become a bartender.

The first is to enroll yourself in a bartending school and learn the basics of all styles of bartending, and the other way is to directly jump into the job and learn while you are at it. Different people have their own different reasons onwhy they want to become bartender, for some bartending might be their passion or they find bartending to be amusing.

Whatever your reasons are, learning bartending is never too late because you can easily enroll in a bartending class near your location.However, why would you spend money if you can learn how to become a bartender for free?

To jumpstart knowing how to become a bartender for free, you start with writing a good resume with an impressive cover letter. Include your past or recent work experiences and trainings you have undergone.

become bartender

In writing your resume and cover letters, keep in mind that the more additives that are included in them, the more chances for you to be hired on your desired position. For short, you would need to sell yourself, in a good way, to make them believe that they will not regret in deciding to give you the job.

Search for bartending job openings in local classified ads on newspapers or online. If you are persistent enough, go to bars you seemed to like and leave your resume and cover letter at the manager.

Even if these bars do not have an opening for bartenders, at least you already have given them your contacts so they can easily call your attention once they are in need of a bartender in the future.

You can also talk to other bartenders and ask them for advices or suggestions regarding the job and if they have ideas on any local bars open for hiring of bartenders. Get to know as much people as you can because networking can be of big help in finding job.

When you are called for an interview, keep in mind the number one rule: dress to impress. Dress yourself as you are already a part of the company you are going to work in.

Presentation poses big points on how you carry yourself and of course, all employers would want their employees to be presentable at all times, because you will be bringing the company’s name.  Make sure to have eye contact with the interviewer for the whole time you are being interviewed.

Be confident with yourself and answer the questions honestly and direct to the point. Do not look down or look away because it will show how nervous you are for this interview. Ask questions so the interviewer will feel that you are interested on the company. Also, state what is your desired position up front.

These are ways on how to become a bartender for free. With luck on your side, you can easily get hired in the position that you desire.

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