How to Become a Flight Attendant and your Responsibilities

A flight attendant’s main responsibility is to make sure that every procedure and protocols regarding airline safety are followed. Despite the fact that the salary might be low, they benefit the most on free fares from their company airline and discounted rates from other carriers connected to their own. Here are the ways on how to become a flight attendant.

Browse through local newspapers for job advertisements or if you want a faster way, you can use the internet to check for hiring of flight attendants near your places. Most importantly check for the requirements because different airlines usually have different requirements on their flight attendants jobs opportunities. The most important armor you should be a graduate of a 2 year college degree and a customer service experience.

Learning at least one language aside from your native tongue can be a good start to help you on how to become a flight attendant. You will be travelling to different parts of the world and you will be dealing with people of different nationalities and races.

become flight attendant

Therefore, it is an edge on your part to know at least basic foreign languages. If you have an idea on which part of the world you are travelling, do your homework and learn their language.

Be prepared to be thrown to other countries or city aside from your homeland. When you are a flight attendant, you will have no idea on where your destination be, this solely depends on the company’s decision. So, you must be prepared to pack up all your things and leave all the time

If you are a trainee on this job, you will be on a reserved status for some period of time. You will have no schedule for duty and you will often times be called for duty on a short notice.

In this field of work, priority assignment of scheduling provided per seniority. Therefore, the longer you work on the company, the more benefits you get when it comes to choosing for your schedule of duty.

You will be working on air for 85 hours per month and sometimes be assigned to work on the field. However, you will only be paid only for the time you were working on air. If you want to become a flight attendant, you have to put in mind that tardiness is unacceptable in this career.

Therefore, if you are that kind of person who always arrives late, you may want to rethink your decision on becoming a flight attendant. In this job, you will be expected to arrive 10 minutes before your schedule at all times.

Your time with your family and friends will be minimized as though you will be spending holidays and other occasions on duty on air. You must train yourself to be independent and be responsible for everything that you do.

Trainings and lectures on how to become a flight attendant are given in various institutions. You can search for the best institution that can give you the best education and the greatest training you can have when it comes to be a flight attendant.

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