How To Become An Astronaut

Almost every kid wanted to be an Astronaut one time or another in their lives. This is because, ever since the first man went to space, astronauts became celebrated by everybody the world over. There is just something exciting as well as heroic about being an astronaut that almost everybody wished that it was their job.

If you are one of these people who secretly dream of becoming an Astronaut since you were a child, here are some tips on how to become an Astronaut.

Do well in school and have good grades – the Astronaut program is known for its heavy completion among applicants as well as the stringent application requirements. This is why; it is very important that you make sure that you are able to maximize your chances of becoming qualified for the astronaut program by always getting good grades in school. By being a straight A student through all of the 12 grades of basic schooling, you will be able to get one step closer to your dream of becoming an astronaut.

Develop a physically fit body – the Astronaut training program is known for its rigorous and physically tasking training requirements. In order to become an Astronaut, you must first be able to meet at least the minimum physical requirements of a candidate for the Astronaut training program.

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Since meeting the minimum physical requirements does not automatically guarantee entry into the training program, you really need to strive to be at your very best physical condition if you want to be even considered for the program.

Get into the military – one of the ways to improve your chances of being considered for the astronaut program is to join the military. This is because if you have a good career in the military, you can be recommended by your commanding officer for the Astronaut program. There are many astronauts that became qualified for the program due to their service in the Navy or the Air Force.

Pursue advance degrees – many astronauts also have secondary careers as well respected scientists. Sometimes, if you are a holder of a doctorate degree or have published well respected studies, your chances of being invited to join the astronaut program can be increased.

Advanced degrees also increase your chances of being chosen to become an astronaut. You can even be fast tracked throughout the process particularly if you are skilled or knowledgeable over a particular field of study that needs to be studied in space.

Most of these tips on how to become an astronaut focus mostly on how to be qualified for the training program. This is because being qualified for the program is the most important part. If you are qualified for the program, you will definitely be on your way to becoming an astronaut.

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