How to Clean Aluminum Wheels on Your Car

If you want to maintain the good looks of your car, it is best that you should know how to clean aluminum wheels of it. Taking good care of your car does not only limit until giving it a full body wash or vacuuming inside it.

Aside from the exterior part of the car, the aluminum wheels should also be cleaned and taken good care of. Since it is one part of your car that is exposed to road debris, brake dust and other toxic materials such as road salt most of the time, it can give your car a dirty and dull appearance, which is not nice to look at. Also, knowing how to clean aluminum wheels of your car will prolong its lifeline therefore giving you the maximum service you need from it.

Sure driving your car into a car wash can be done easily, but do you know you can clean the aluminum wheels of your car just by yourself? You won’t need to spend a cent on it because even the materials that you will use can be found on the four corners of your house.

All you will need to prepare are a bucket of water, spray hose, soap and 2 terrycloth rags. When you have these items on hand, you can know start cleaning the wheels of your precious car.

First of all before you start cleaning, check the condition of your wheels. Do not start cleaning if it is still hot. Let it cool down for some time before starting anything else. Spraying cold water on the brakes that are hot will damage the rotors.

clean aluminum wheels

On the other hand if you spray warm water on the hot brakes, it can cause spotting. Nonetheless, you have no choice but to wait for your brakes to cool down for a while.

Remove the road debris, brake dusts and other particles off the alumni wheels by using a water hose. For better removal of debris and other particles, use the nozzle attachment of the water hose because this gives a higher water pressure.

Mix water and soap with warm water on a bucket and make soap suds. Soak the terrycloth rag into the bucket until it is saturated. Get the rag and rub it on each surface and corner of the wheel. Reach out to the farthest part of the wheel to make sure that all debris and dusts are removed from your wheels.

Use a brush with long handle for those parts where you cannot reach by your hand to remove the particles completely. However, before doing so, test the brush’s bristles in a small area and check maybe the bristle is too hard.

Brushing with a hard bristle can lead to scratching of the aluminum areas of the wheels. As much as possible, we would like to avoid this unwanted scratch. Remove the wheels and let it dry out by airing. Simple as this, you now know how to clean aluminum wheels by yourself.

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