How To Clean an Oven Fast

You are having a party and you have guests coming over and you need your house to be totally mess free. You are preparing beautiful nice pasta for dinner and time slipped your hands and your lasagna bubbled over and spilled on your oven.

Disaster- you would need to clean your oven at once! Does this scenario sound familiar? When you have no time to do it here are the ways on how to clean an oven quick. All you will need in this procedure are soft rags, sponges, water, oven cleaner and of course, your dirty oven.

If you want to do this automatically without sweating a bit, you can simply remove the racks and soak them in soapy water. Usually, most ovens come with an automatic self-cleaner button or function. You would just need to close the oven door and lock it.

Turn the switch to clean mode and the oven cleaner will clean itself for you. Depending on the type and model of your oven, the cleaning time would usually take up to 2 hours. To be sure, check for the label or information guide of your oven and read what is written by the company to follow.

This guide is very important because various models and brands have different ways on usage. Once you are done with putting the oven to clean mode, you can now continue on what you are previously doing.

clean oven fast

If your oven does not have a cleaner mode, you can still clean your oven with quick steps. Remove the oven racks and put soak them in soapy water. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. After preheating, turn off the oven and spray the inner part of the oven with oven cleaner solution.

This solution is available and can be brought in different markets. Make sure to choose the one that suits best your oven’s needs. Check and read the label on how it is supposed it be used. Let the solution air dry inside the oven for 10 minutes and wipe the dirt away using a wet cloth. Rinse every once in a while.

You can repeat this method again depending on how sturdy the dirt sticks inside your oven. Once you are satisfied with your clean oven, you can dry the insides of the oven with a dry washcloth. Make sure that the washcloth you will use is soft so you will not be leaving scratches on your oven.

Cleaning your oven is not a hard task as long as you know how to clean an oven using the proper techniques and ways. For regular occasions, you can also clean the oven as you wish.

If you have the time and willingness to do so, you can clean your oven anytime you want to. The more frequent you use your oven, the dirtier and messier it can be as time passes by. But no worries, you now know how to clean an oven. So you can no know how to battle these unwanted scenes.

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