How to Clean Carpet Ruined by a Flood

Once the rainy season has hit its mark, most people are anxious and expecting their worst to happen- flood. Floods are terrible once it gets inside the houses, a lot of appliances and furniture can be affected and damaged by the flood. With the numerous appliances and furniture inside your house, you would not know what to do or what to save first.

However, this natural disaster is inevitable and there is nothing we can do to stop it. All we can do is find a good solution and prepare ourselves when this disaster comes along.

One of the most well-known problems after a flood is the carpets that were ruined by it. As soon as the flood subsides, it is a must that we clean our houses immediately because molds can grow inside our home after 2 days if the flood water still remains inside.

These molds may possess harmful effects on our family and pets that live with us inside our homes. Therefore, it is a must that we know how to clean carpet after a disastrous flood attack. Here are the steps on how to clean carpet once you have remove as much flood water as you can inside the house.

First of all, you must remove the excess water that can be found in the carpet by using a wet/dry vacuum. The carpet may be dry on the outer side but focus more on the inner side because there is a possibility of water pooling on top of the carpet.

Roll the carpet and display it outside of your house where it is dry and the sun is shining. If this is impossible, you will need the professional help of a carpet cleaning service company. Keeping the carpet dry should be done the soonest as to avoid remnants of odor or stains from the flood that may ruin the quality of the carpet.

clean carpet

Take the entire tack strip by using a pry bar under the carpet when the flood happened. Disinfect these items properly because this is where all molds will start building up. If you want to be more cautious, simply replace them with new ones. You can find these items easily on racks or stands of markets.

Make sure to dry out the floor underneath the padding. Open the windows and using fans will help them dry out faster. Clean and mop the floors with soap and water. You do not necessarily need to use strong detergents or solutions to make sure no mold or spores would remain on your floors.

Studies have shown that a simple mixture of soap and hot water will do the trick in killing the mold spores. Mop thee floors until you feel like every spot and corner has been covered. Leave the floor as it is and let it dry.

Using a new tack strip or a disinfected tack strip lay them down on the floor together with the padding. Lastly, steam the carpet to make sure for the last time that no mold spores are left on the carpet. The simple tips on how to clean carpet after a disaster ends here. Try it.

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