How to Clean Laptop Screen with Products at Home

Caring for your laptop also means knowing how to clean laptop screen. The screen or the monitor is the most essential yet sensitive part of the computer, therefore knowing the basics on how to clean laptop screen is very important. This task can be done almost every day if you want to. It is a very fast and easy task that can be done in less than a minute.

The cleaning solution you will be using the clean the laptop screen is not that expensive at all, actually you can find them all in your household. Since the screens are sensitive, it is essential to clean them to prevent early breakdown of the laptop parts.

All you will need on this task are distilled water, rubbing alcohol and a clean wash cloth. As you can see all these items can be purchased from any market or local drug stores.

The brand of the materials are important, you can even buy the cheapest ones on the shelves to save yourself a few bucks. Use the distilled water and mix it with the rubbing alcohol in a bottle.

Make sure that the alcohol should be lesser then parts of the water. You can use a measuring cup to make sure that the parts of the distilled water and rubbing alcohol are correct. Seal the bottle well before going to the next procedure.

clean laptop screen

Spray your home made solution on a clean wash cloth. Make sure that the wash cloth is made of cotton or micro fiber. Also, you need to make sure that the cloth is soft because you are aiming to have a clean laptop screen and not a laptop screen full of scratches.

You will be causing more harm than good to your laptop screens if you will use a stiff wash cloth. Gently wipe the cloth with solution sprayed on it on the laptop screen in circular motion. This motion is commonly use to prevent creating streaks to your screens.

Also, you must make sure to keep your touch as light as you can because again, the laptop screens are sensitive to touch. Before you put an end to your cleaning and close your laptop, take note that the screen is completely dry.

If you noticed some parts of it are a little damp, use the dry part of the wash cloth that you used and wipe the wet part off the screen in the same circular motion.

As you can see, learning how to clean laptop screen is not so hard. It is not time consuming and would cost you less of your effort. Therefore, laziness is not a valid reason why you cannot clean the screen of your laptop.

Cleaning the screens of the laptop will also provide you a more efficient performance of the screen in your account. The screen of your laptop will be as good as new after you have cleaned them. Clean them religiously if you have the time, again, it will not eat much of your time.

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