How to Clean Leather Jackets and Preserve them as They Are

Leather jackets are always in style and never fade out of time. It is considered to be one of the greatest invention because its fashion trend always stay and still does not fail in amazing a lot of people from different parts of the world. It can be used by both men and women, and amazingly nowadays, you can see little fashionable tots wearing this genius fashion design.

Leather jackets may give you the edgy look but it can also cost you a big fortune. It is considered to be more expensive than compared to other fabrics being used in the fashion industry because of its long durability and high quality. Therefore, knowing how to clean leather jackets is a must to preserve it good quality and to give them a longer shelter life.

The things that you will need on knowing how to clean leather jackets are really not expensive at all. Everything that you will need can be found in the corners of your house such as a mild soap, a bowl, cloth rags and olive oil. You would be amazed on how these simple materials can do big time in saving or preserving the life of your leather jackets.

To make sure, you can choose an unnoticeable site on your leather jacket and try to clean this little spot with mild soap before you start soaking or washing your entire leather jacket. Wet the cloth warm water and squeeze the remaining water.

Apply a pea size cleaning soap in to the cloth and dab the cloth gently on the chosen area. Rinse the area and wipe the area dry until there is no more soap on the fabric. Let it stand for 5 minutes and watch out for any untoward reactions such as changing of color of thinning of the leather. If these reactions happen, do not continue the following procedures.

clean leather jackets

If no reactions happened, add more water and more drops of mild soap into the bowl. Make the water to be bubbly and dip the leather jacket in the bowl. You can use a large rag if you have a big leather jacket about to clean.

Rub the rag unto the leather with the soap suds from top to bottom. Focus cleaning on the collar area and blot the area with the soaked rag. Avoid wiping the rag unto the leather in swift back and forth motion because this can ruin the integrity of the leather jacket. Rinse the jacket with a rag with clean water and make sure that all the soap are washed off.

To keep the leather jacket on its smooth condition, apply a pea size amount of olive oil and rub it unto the jacket in circular motion. This can revive the color of the leather jacket that was washed away during the cleaning process.

Know that you know knowing how to clean leather jacket, you can try it on yours and make your leather jacket look like brand new once more.

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