How to Clean Your Ears – For Hardened Ear Wax

Earwax is not necessarily our enemies when it comes to our ears. It is part of the human anatomy that cleans itself naturally. Cleaning of the ears would only be applicable to the exterior part of it, however it is recommended that cleaning the ear canal should only be done if the earwax buildup id too much.

If you feel no pain, itch or trouble in hearing, it means your ears are still in good condition and ear wax is a good thing to have. Here are the steps on how to clean your ears from earwax safely.

By using a clean cotton swab, clean the outer area of the ear every day, most probably after a bath because this is when the earwax tends to be loose making it easier to dislodge. Clean just the outer part of the ear canal and avoid getting deeper than it.

If you are experiencing any ear problem such as itchiness or pain, irrigate your ears one at a time using a hydrogen peroxide. This solution is commonly used to soften the hardened earwax alongside the ear canal. You can use a syringe to instill hydrogen peroxide into your ears.

Bend your head on the unaffected side of the ear and let the affected ear face directly upwards. Instill the solution to your ear and stay on that position for one minute and let the solution do its work.

clean your ears

After a minute, turn your head to the opposite side and let the solution flow down from your ears. If you still have the same problem, it is best to consult your doctor so he can do the irrigation for you. If the ear wax is too hard, a pain medication would sometimes be prescribed for you to take prior to the procedure.

To avoid having hard wax build up on your ears, it is best that you know how to clean your ears the correct way. You can always check your ears for any signs of excessive build ups of ear wax. There are two different ways on how to do this, basically.

For adults, pull the ear pinna up then backwards to have a clear view of the ear. For children, the earlobe should be pulled down then backwards for again, a clearer view of the inside of the ears. As you may notice, it is impossible to do this routine checking on your own. You will need someone to have your ears checked for you.

Knowing how to clean your ears can save you from a lot of medical expenses of having ear problems. Ear problems are common for all people in different ages. However, ear problems are also commonly disregarded thinking that it is just a minor ear problem.

Always keep on mind that once you have felt a minor ear pain or itch, it is best to put action on it as earlier as possible. Try to consult a doctor for these kind of ear problems because it might be something serious. Let the experts do what is best for you.

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