How to Clean your Room and Make Your Mama Proud

It seems like a never ending speech when we hear our parents tell us about cleaning our rooms. Every day the same speech is being said again and again that there would be times we already memorize what they would say! As a child, you have no choice but to clean your room so you can end your misery of having to listen to that speech.

Cleaning you room has a lot of benefits on your part. Aside from the fact your will look more like a room than a jungle, you can easily find your things in a way you have an idea where you have put them. Also, health wise, you will be breathing in a fresher and cleaner air compared to a room filled with dust. Therefore, knowing how to clean your room is important.

Depending on how messy your room is, it may take a lot of your time if you clean your room once every month. At least, clean your room every weekend to keep up with your mess. Here are the ways you should know how to clean your room and make your mama proud of you.

First of all, pick up all the mess on the floor, on the bed, under the bed and on your tables. If possible, use a box and segregate everything that you have. Separate the things that belong on your table, bed, or closet. Also, everything that you think belongs to the trash should go directly to the trash.

Once you have cleared up the mess and segregated them on different boxes, you can now have a sight of your floor, bed and tabletop. This is only the first step but you can see your improvement already.

clean your room

After you have removed the mess and since you can now see part of your floor and tabletop, it is not time to clean your room. In this process, you clean from top to bottom-from the top of your cabinets to your tabletops and down to your floor. The rationale to this is so the dirt will not go up and down and will all settle on the floor.

Imagine if you have swept your floor already and then clean your tabletop, the dirt on the tabletop will still fall on the floor. You would not want to repeat sweeping the floor, would you? You can clean the cabinets and tabletops using a dry washcloth. Do not use a wet cloth because dirt can easily stick on wet furniture.

However, if you insist on using a wet wash cloth, make sure you follow it up by wiping the wet area with a dry cloth. Use a broom and then a vacuum to cleaner to clean your floors, especially if you have carpets on your room. Also, vacuuming your room is important if you have a pet in your room, this minimizes the risk for them to have flees and other diseases.

After cleaning, put back all the things you have separated on a box where they belong. Arrange them well and stack them one by one. Voila. You are now done. Now you know how to clean your room, make it a habit by doing it at least once a week to make your mama proud.

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