How to Find Someone You Are Looking For

Sometimes, you might want to know how to find someone, perhaps a person that you once knew, but lost contact with, or maybe even someone you’ve never met. It could be a biological parent, a debtor, an old friend, a past love, or someone who just touched your life briefly and you never had the chance to thank them.

The less you know about where they’ve been or the longer you have not seen them, the harder it will be to track them down, but fortunately this is the Information Age and everybody leaves a digital trail.

With the help of the internet that can be used by anyone anywhere around the world, tracking or locating someone can be very easy nowadays. Here’s how to find someone and follow it back to the person you’ve been looking for.

Make a detailed profile of the person you’re looking for with the contents of the following information: His or her name, age, date of birth, gender, nationality, physical profile, rare markings, old addresses, past jobs or schools, and anything else you can think of, no matter how small or how unimportant you may think it is, put it in. You can never tell which detail can be of big help in locating them.

First, you try to search the name, and put quotation marks around each version of their name and plug it into major search engines and big time social networking sites. But if your instincts suspect that the person has gone to another country which is not using the universal language, use search engines with different versions especially designed for different countries. When searching for a girl who could have gotten married and possibly changed her surname, try adding “nee” in the search box with every variation.

Nee as explained in the web is a word used to indicate that the person is using their maiden name. Next, try to use websites that in specially designed for finding people, as well as social networking sites. Try to go for sites that you think he/she could have used.

find someone looking

Analyze the things that he/ she could have done and linked into. Get in contact with other people that knew the specific person you’re searching for. Ask them questions about when they have last seen the, talked to them, or personal information like last known email address or phone numbers.

Explain clearly why you’re looking for this person. They may not tell you anything to protect that person’s privacy, but they’ll appreciate it and tell you the whereabouts if you’re honest. Leave your name and contact numbers behind that purpose.

Make them trust you and make them believe your intentions are true and you have nothing bad against these persons you are looking for. But if all thing’s fail, get yourself a professional investigator.

Lastly, how to find someone you missed should take up a lot of your time, patience and finances, so gear up and only hope for the best! It would not take long until all your prayers would be heard.

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