How to Find True Love and Let it Stay

True love is what everyone is searching for- that perfect love that will make you sweep off of your feet. People are looking for that person that will be with them for the rest of eternity and be together happily ever after.

If you believe in happy endings, then you would need to wake up. Happy endings only happen in movies and fairytales. You need to wake up to the real world. Ways on how to find true love can be a test of fate, understanding and patience.

What we see on the movies and what we believe when we were kids on fairytales about how two couples live happily ever after in the end are just a part of the whole story. What they did not let us know, was what happened after the story. True, once in our lives, we are happy with our partners.

We enjoy their company and we wish we could be with them every second of the day. However, after this stage had passed, this is where the real deal comes along.

As your relationship matures, you will be learning a lot more about each other. Mood swings, attitude attacks and temper tantrums are unavoidable and might blow up anytime in your relationship.

You might be surprised where did the lovable and sweet person you met before go. Setting the truth straight, the person you knew before is still there, it is just that this is the part of that person that you did not know about your partner. Being in a relationship is like being in a buy one take one bargain.

You cannot only take the positive traits of your partner, but you would also need to accept and deal with their negative traits. Did it ever show on fairytales that the princess or prince has a negative trait? None of the fairytales have shown this part of the relationship. This is the true test and reality on how to find true love.

find true love

Change is constant and it is a fact that people change along the way in the relationship. Some might change for the better but some can change for the worse. Who could possibly know what fate can bring you? If fate has brought you an unlikeable change, it is up to you whether you deal with change and go through with it or give it up and let the love go.

Facing the fact that the change have occurred will be the first step on understanding. Talk through the problem and point out details that could help improve the relationship. Communication is the key to understanding and the more you communicate your feelings to each other, the easier it would be for the both of you to understand each other.

The process on how to find true love can be long and grueling. Nobody said true love can be easy. However, as long as you have the right amount of patience and understanding with you, achieving a contented life together will not be an impossible dream to reach.

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