Taking Care of Man’s Best Friend: How to Clean Dogs Ears

Dogs are tagged as man’s best friend simply because they act like a real best friend when you need someone to talk to. They sit on your side and listen silently to what you are saying; just what a best friend should do. For some, dogs have become a part of their family therefore knowing how to take care them is very important. Taking care of them includes knowing.

Like humans, dogs’ ears also require cleaning at least once a week every after bath time. For some, they let the animal grooming experts do all the job, while others would prefer to do this on their own. Why spend on your dogs’ grooming if you can do it by yourself?

Cleaning dogs ears is important because it can help in three ways: it can minimize the risk for infection, minimize the foul odor and lastly, it will keep you dogs comfortable all the time. Having something in their ear they can’t remove also bothers them leading to excessive scratching of their ears.

When the scratch too much, they could possibly cut themselves and made lead to infection if untreated promptly. Signs of ear infection may include swelling of the ears, presence of rash around their ears or pus inside their ears.

If you noticed any sign of this, it is best to bring the dogs to the veterinary clinic immediately and let the experts do their thing. If you inspected your dogs’ ears and noticed brown ear wax only and the ear tissue is on it natural color, you can go on with cleaning your dog’s ears.

clean dogs ears

Here are simple instructions on how to clean dogs ears and keep the dogs healthy and clean.

First of all, place your dog on its comfortable position. Place him on a chair or on his bed and give him something to distract him such as a bone or a toy to chew. Take a peek inside his ears and check for any signs of infection.

If there is none, soak a cotton ball in an ear cleaning solution and wipe the outer part of his ear. Clean the surrounding areas but never go deeper into the dog’s ear canal. Read the label of the cleaning solution for instructions on how to use it in cleaning your dog’s ears.

Check for the appropriate number of drops that will be introduced to the dog’s ears. Rub the lower part of the ear so the solution will be absorbed. Let the solution stand for a couple of minutes and wipe the dog’s ears using a dry cotton ball to remove the excess solution. Now you know how to clean dogs ears.

Always remember to use a cotton ball and not a cotton swab. Dogs would usually move during the cleaning process and when you use a swab, you might not control your hand and you might push the swab too far into his ear canal.

Learning how to clean dogs ears is hard the first time. It is impossible that your dog will move and try to get away from you when you touch their ears. However, this procedure is a must so you should train your dog to cooperate with you every time you clean his ears.

Give him a treat after the cleaning session as a prize for being a good dog for the entire process They tend to obey or listen once they know they will have something in return in the end.

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