Tips on How to Clean Computer Hard Drive Effectively

Do you always waste a lot of time in your computer waiting for it to run? Have you experienced that time when you are in a hurry to save a file or search for a file, but your computer is running insanely slow?

If you do, then your computer’s hard drive may be jammed and it is about time you know how to clean computer hard drive. Lagging or slowing down of the computer’s performance is related to an overloaded hard drive.

You may have too much stored files or installed programs in your computer leading to this hang up. Here are some tips on how to clean computer hard drive that can save you from your everyday misery at work or at home.

First of all take a lot of all the programs that you have installed in your computer. Sort the programs that you frequently use and sort the programs that you do not use anymore. Unused or unnecessary programs eat the space on your hard drive making your computer run slowly.

clean computer hard drive

However, you must make sure to uninstall only the programs that you think is unimportant anymore, or else you will be installing the programs again that you have uninstalled. This is not a problem actually, but it can take up a lot of your time.

The second thing that you should do is to sort out your saved files. Go through your pictures, music, downloads, documents and other stuff that you have saved on your hard drive. Again, sort those that you do not need anymore and throw them on the trash bin.

This may eat a lot of your time but this can be very useful in cleaning your computer hard drive. You will be surprised to discover some of the old files that you have kept for a long time.

Once you have deleted those that are unimportant, organize your files properly and put files on their specific places. Do not mix all files together in one folder because this can also lead to slowing down of your computer.

Also, having all your files organized will also help you so you would not a hard time browsing through the folders when you will be looking for a specific file. Organize the icons on your desktop as well-only create a shortcut on those programs that you frequently use on your everyday work. Keep the icons in one corner and do not scatter them.

Use CDs or USB drives to store your files if you want to. This would give your hard drive a much bigger space for new files. The bigger memory you have on your flash drives, the more files or programs you can save them with.

Also, you can bring these flash drives anywhere you go, so instead of bringing your entire laptop with you the whole day, you can simply take along the drive with you and your files will also be with you.

Learning how to clean computer hard drive is easy once you have an idea on what files or programs to delete or not. You can do this as many times as you want to. The more keen you are in organizing and sorting out the files, the more efficient your computer will work for you.

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