Various Effective Ways and Tips on How to Clean Your House

Are you expecting visitors? Or do you simply want to have your house clean and zero mess visibility? Whatever your reasons are, you need not to be an expert so you would know how to clean your house. Any mature individual can clean a house and even little kids can help in cleaning the house! As long as you have the will power and determination to do so, cleaning your house would be just as simple as one-two-three.

The things you would need to clean your house are a broom, vacuum cleaner, damp and dry rags and trash bins. If your house is as messy as a jungle and it has not been introduced to cleaning for a long period of time then you will be need a lot of energy to clean the house.

As to cleaning principles and techniques, it is always a number one rule of thumb to start cleaning from the cleanest to the dirtiest or top to bottom technique. Take a look around your house and note for the part where there are less mess or less dirt and start there. Usually, the process on cleaning the house would start on bedrooms and will end up on the dirtiest part of the house which is the kitchen.

In cleaning each part of the house, the process is always the same. Start from the top and end at the bottom. For example, start wiping the windows with dry rags first so the dirt will fall down the floor. Sweeping and vacuuming the floor would usually be the last thing to do when cleaning the house.

clean your house

You would probably wonder why start with wiping the windows. The rationale behind this technique is simply due to gravity. The dust particles from the windows will eventually fall on the floor so sweeping and vacuuming your floor first will only double your task.

Also, wipe the windows using a dry rag because if you use a damp rag, dust can easily stick on the windows when they are damp.

When you are done with the windows, you can now start dusting and cleaning the tables, chairs and cabinets. To deal with the mess on the rooms, try to organize and sort out the things that are needed to be kept and those that are needed to go directly to the trash bin.

Organizing and sorting out things is the key to success when you want to know how to clean your house effectively. Organize the things and put them on the places where they should belong. The organizing and sorting part of the process is usually done when you are cleaning the bedrooms and living rooms.

In cleaning the bathroom and kitchen take note of all the corners of the rooms. Focus on cleaning these parts of the house because oftentimes, these areas are the dirtiest parts. Despite the fact that these areas are often times the dirtiest, it should be the top priority when cleaning the house because this is the kitchen is where we cook our meals and the bathroom is where we clean ourselves.

Can you imagine cooking or cleaning in a dirty area? These are only few tips on how to clean your house that you should follow. Always remember that the cleanliness of your house reflects the cleanliness you put on to yourself.

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