3 Steps on How to Prevent Stretch Marks as You Lose Weight

For some people, the appearances of stretch marks are expected once they gain or lose weight. The reason behind this simply because of the elasticity of our skin, thus leaving is with these unwanted silver colored marks.

Stretch marks are commonly found on the abdominal area of women who are pregnant and to those people who gain or lose weight through working out. Some people are prone to stretch marks formation, while some are not due to genetics.

Fortunately for those have higher chances in stretch marks, there are ways on how to prevent stretch marks while you lose weight.

Rapid buildup of muscle and wasting of fats can cause stretch marks formation. Therefore, when you work out, make sure that the losing or gaining of weight is at its normal speed to as give time for the skin to adjust and not to overstretch. To maintain the pace of your work out, you can alternate cardio and weight lifting every day.

However, if you want to have a perfect toned body and you want to life weights every day, you can do so as long as you work on various parts of your body every day so some parts of your muscles can rest. Divide your body into three parts as not to concentrate on specific area in one day.

For example, the first part can be the upper region such as your arms, chest and shoulders. The second can be your legs and buttocks. The last part could be your abs and back. Try on alternating exercising on these areas to prevent stretch marks appearance.

Moisturize your skin with shea or cocoa butter to increase the elasticity of your skin. These moisturizers help in increasing the growth process of your skin so it can compensate with the sudden weight gain or loss of your body.

prevent stretch marks lose weight

Make sure to apply the lotion before and after you work out on the area where you will be concentrating to work on. For pregnant women, these lotions can also be applied to their stomach every day.

Lastly, the solution on how to prevent stretch marks is by including a high protein diet in your meal. Protein is the essential amino acid that is responsible for the skin’s collagen formation.

Include protein rich foods in your diet or you can have a protein shake before you work out. Even on those days when you plan not to work out, you would still need to increase your protein intake so your skin can continue its collagen formation.

Now that you know how to prevent stretch marks, you are now free of worries as to whether or not stretch marks will appear on your skin. If stretch marks are already starting to form, you can still do these preventive measures as to prevent further stretch marks formation.

Stretch marks should be acted on as early as possible because the older stretch marks get, the more difficult it would be to remove, and for some, they do it surgically.

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