Basic Geometry – How to Find the Area of a Circle

Math can be tricky. With the different formulas, shapes and sizes to take note of, to be confused and upset are not so impossible to happen. Patience is a virtue, as they say. So, you would need to gather all the patience in order to understand math problems.

The geometry of a circle is probably something we all have learned way back our elementary days if not during middle school. However, it is understandable if we have forgotten about it. There is really no need for you to worry about it as it takes simple steps to master such.

This article is Geometry Basics for Beginners and how to find the area of a circle is our priority. Here are the concepts so we could derive the formula.

The first to note in finding the area of a circle is that for some mathematicians, they consider circle as a polygon which conflicts the meaning of the polygon saying that it has infinite number of sides.

For students of Geometry to fully understand it, there are a few mental images regarding it. The rule of calculus would explain that we will consider continuing increasing the side number of a certain polygon, the end result would be a circle. Now, with that concept, there is also the need to review the pi meaning.

find area circle

If you recall the irrational number pi which is the ratio of the circumference of the circle, you already know the ways on how to find the area of a circle. The formula to that would be C = (pi)d or C = 2(pi)r. To be able to determine the diameter of the circle is an easy task.

You will just have to multiply the radius into two. In the simple thought then, diameter is twice the radius. Again to recall, the approximate digits for irrational number is 3.1415926. The distance around the circle or the circumference which we commonly acknowledge as the line that makes the circle up is at the same time easy to calculate.

The step for this requires for multiplying the radius into two and be able to multiply again by the number pi as stated for the formula above. See? That is how simple the step on finding the area of the circle.

It is not really that difficult to master even if you have forgotten it over the years. There are still too may tools online to make your learning easy including the calculations for quantities of circle.

Take note for the last time, that your answers with pi are all exact whereas those with decimals are Approximations. You just do not have to be confused with the radius or diameter so that you get the right value in the end.

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