Tutorial on Math Problems: How to Find Percentage

Statistics needs a percentage. It’s a hard tough job to get these especially if you aren’t a statistician. Do you need to know how to find percentage for your grade in a class or some other statistic? Read this page and find out how.

It is not difficult. You just need to know which numbers to enter into your calculator in which order. If you are not allowed to use a calculator, there are instructions here for you on how to find percentage.

Measure the number in question.

Determine first what number you want to find percentage about, and measure that number. Measuring the number might be as simple as counting, or it might be complex.

Common examples of the number in question are:

The number of correct answers on a test.
The number of people who said yes on a survey question.
The number of houses in a neighborhood that sold for less than $50,000.00

find percentage

Once you know how to find percentage, you will wonder why you ever thought it was difficult. The short version of how to find percentage is:

Measure the number in question.
Determine what it is a percentage of.
Divide the number in question by what it is a percentage of.
Move the decimal two places to the right.

For more perspective on this subject, you might want to take out your textbooks if available.

Now that you have measured the number in question, the next step in how to find percentage is to determine what it is a percentage of. Consider the numbers in question in Step 1. Here is what each a percentage is of:

How many questions are on the test
How many people answered the survey question?
How many houses are in the neighborhood?
How much body mass the person has

The number in question goes into the calculator first. Then push /. Then put in what it is a percentage of. Then push =.
21 correct answers / 25 questions on the test = 0.84.
56 people said yes on this question / 9864 people who answered this survey question = 0.00567721005.
3 houses that sold below $50,000 / 15 houses in the neighborhood = 0.2.
24 fat index / 175 body mass index = 0.13714285714.

If you do not have permission to use a calculator, then see How To Convert Fractions for instructions on how to do this on paper using long division.

Last, move the decimal point to the right two places. You already know on how you will move decimals in the right, otherwise, try to search the net for other information about this.

Percentages have confused everyone at some point in their lives. In actual fact, they’re quite simple. The process of calculating a percentage is just working something out ‘out of 100’. The actual symbol for percentage (%) is mathematical jargon that means ‘out of 100’.

There are many taught ways to calculate percentages and some percentages are easier to work out than others. How to find percentage is mostly practice and try to also consult statistician for further briefing.

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