How to Apply Mascara on Eyelashes

Secondary to lipsticks, mascaras are one of the widely used make up around the world. It gives emphasis and volume of your eyes making it look fuller and prettier. Even fake eyelashes are made in order to save the time of mascara application every day!

The beauty of applying mascara on the eyelashes is that you can do it only once a day- no re application required, depending on the brand you are using though. Another great thing about using mascara is that it comes in different colors and shades. Some prefer to use the natural colors such as black and brown. But for some, for the sake of art, they go wild and funky by applying blue, violet, green or even pink mascaras.

Mascaras come in 2 types- the waterproof and the water soluble. Learning how to apply mascara should start by knowing on what type of mascara you will be using. The more preferred waterproof mascaras do not come off with water; you will need to use a good make up remover for it to be removed.

However, the downside of this type of mascara is that it can cause breakage of the lashes. On the other hand, the water soluble mascara may be easily removed with water, but it can also give you smudges when water comes in contact with your eyes. Here are the steps on how to apply mascara correctly.

Before applying the first coat of the mascara, make sure to curl the lashes first. This will widen your lashes making it look full and big. Always start with mascara application when you do your make up, so it would be easier to clean any drop or mess on the eyelids upon application.

Woman applying mascara on eyelashes

Use the wand and let it dry for a few seconds before applying on the eye lashes. The secret behind a longer lasting mascara effects, apply a little amount of powder to the lashes. Look directly down and stroke the wand of the mascara upwards with the tip. Always remember to start with the lashes above then go upwards up to the sides of the lashes.

For some, they use lash moisturizers mascara as the first coating on their eyelashes. This provides the needed nutrients of the eye lashes to keep it hydrated and moisturized. However, for some, they apply two coats of mascara on their eye lashes for that full volume effect- either way you want to do it would be fine.

Aside from knowing how to apply mascara, you should also know different tips on how to take care of your perfect full volume eyes. After the application of the mascara, make sure to let it dry for a few seconds before blinking because there is a possibility that of your eyes would stain if you close your eyes while the mascara is still wet.

Never curl your eyelashes again after mascara application, because eyelashes can stick to the pad of the curler. Just like any other make up products, it is best to remove the mascara before going to sleep as to avoid any possible irritation.

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