Ways on How to Find your Bra Size Correctly

Studies have shown that most women wear the wrong bra size. The usual mistakes fall in wearing small cup or having the back portion too loose. Either way, some might not know this, but it can cause problems with your breasts later on.

The question is, are you one of them? Do you know how to find your bra size correctly? Read on so you would know how to find your bra size the right way.

For beginners, bra sizes are composed of a number and a letter. The number is called the back size or the band size, while the letter is called the cup size. Each number and letter correspond a specific size that is accurate for your back and breasts.

find bra size

To measure your band size, measure the area underneath your breast with a tape measure by inches. Make it a point that the tape measure is snugly fit to your body- not too tight and not too loose. Shrug your shoulders up and down or raise your arms up and put them down to make sure the tape measure is not too tight.

After you have measured your band size, it is time to identify your cup size. To do this, you will have to base on your current bra size as a start. Every increase of the band size, you will need to lose one cup size.

However, this method can be done differently in other parts of the world because some countries have different bra sizing to supply the demand of their people’s size.

Once you have done all the measurement, try on the band and cup size you have done. Do not rely on the measurement you have done, but try on the bras personally. Only you can tell whether the bra is a perfect fit for you or not.

Take note that different brands of bra and different styles can change the fit on your body. You may be comfortable is size 36C in this style, but not on that style of bra.

Wearing a bra has a technique as well. Once you have inserted your arms on the holes, lean slightly forward as you clasp the back of your bra so your breasts will fall perfectly on the cups. Clasp the bra hooks first on the largest adjustment.

If you hook on the smaller adjustment, you would have a hard time stretching the bra to its limits so you can clasp them. If underwires are available, take them and wiggle yourself to make sure your breasts fall comfortably on the right place.

Check the fitness of the band by sliding your fingers inside. Your fingers should be able to run through smoothly as an indication that the band is not too tight on your body.

You should be able to know how to find your bra size correctly by now. As a rule of thumb, always make sure your bra is not too tight and not to lose either. Wearing a wrong bra size can be dangerous to your health.

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