How To Cure Canker Sores

If you have a friend who is unfortunate to get a canker sore in her mouth asked and would ask you how to cure canker sores, then you can tell them that sores appear as very little spots and increase to be very severe and painful.

If a person realizes that he or she has canker sores but it is advisable to prevent some life styles because any wrong move will end you up with a very painful canker sore.

Cankers mostly appear when you are under stress or when you eat acidic food stuffs like oranges, pineapples, tomatoes and others. Some experts say that they are contagious and others say they are not.

Notwithstanding all the remedies that are available to help in curing them, it is sometimes important to try some natural remedies to give your system a new touch.

Eating more yogurt is one of the best natural cures for cankers because, yogurt has an active acidophilus culture in it that can prevent and cure the sores. It is always advisable to see a doctor if your canker sores do not go even after more than 14 days, or if you have this type of sore once or more every two weeks. If you are someone who frequently gets canker sores, then you need to eat more of yogurt to prevent it from coming and to cure your sore.

Rinsing your mouth with calendula tea will also help to cure canker sores in your mouth. It will be perfect if you use two tea bags of the tea and leave it to stay in the hot water for ten minutes. Strain it so that the herbs will go out of the liquid then use it as a mouth wash, using this as a mouth wash has proven to be more effective than the chemically manufactured mouth washes on the market.

You might also need some homeopathic Borax frequently in a day in order to relieve pain and with this type of method for curing others love to use aspirin because they feel it is more effective. Sometimes it is also advisable to open your mouth and let air enter your mouth or better still use ice cubes to beep the canker sore very cool and less painful. It is also very important to take iron or folate vitamins and minerals in your body since lack of these vitamins minerals can lead to the sores appearing in your mouth.

Parsley, spinach, carrots and kale lives when blended together to form juice can also be taken to prevent or cure them. Taking more of amino acids will also do you a lot of good.
These are some of the effective ways that would teach you how to cure canker sores.

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