How To Cure Shin Splints

Shin splints can be a highly sufferable condition, one that you may experience after treating yourself to a highly intense game of basketball, track and field or any other aggressive sport involving running which, if your body is not well conditioned, can have a grave effect on your physical health.

Of course, the first course of action upon experiencing this is to visit your physician and get a diagnosis of just how severe the injury is. You may even be recommended for some physical therapy especially if your shin experiences a great deal of inflammation and swelling.

Of course, you may not have enough funds in your personal bank account to actually afford such medical treatment, and until you do, you can just look into some ways on how to cure shin splints.

Several athletes may suffer from such an injury due to the fact that they disregarded doing a proper warm up routine, and stretching their muscles regularly. Therefore, if you happen to be an athlete, you should definitely take the time to engage in such exercises.

Dedicate at least 10 minutes of your schedule to do some warm up and stretching routines before heading off to the exercise proper or putting yourself through a rigorous training session, especially one that may involve a whole lot of running. Always make sure to stretch your tendons and ligaments surrounding the shin bone properly.

cure shin splints

Apply ice to the injured area regularly. This can alleviate any pain experienced, and it is advisable that you do this for 20 minutes, at least 4 times a day. This should be done continuously until the feeling of pain begins to reside, or until you’re instructed by your doctor to do so.

You may use warm compress, but this should only be applied at least a week from when the pain has made its presence known. This is because any presence of heat applied to the injured area may increase blood flow, thus resulting in inflammation.

There is a chance of it healing, but it comes strongly recommended that you apply cold compress before anything else.

After this, start engaging in shin strengthening exercises. If you wish to know how to cure shin splints, you’re off to a best start by simply sitting on the floor with your legs laid out straight right in front of you.

You can hook a resistance tubing band around the feet and slowly flex your feet towards your shin bone, eventually relaxing after doing so. You will need to repeat this process at least 20 times, serving as a complete set. You can then try performing another 2 to 4 sets. If you’re about to engage in running, make it a point to check on your form.

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