How To Cure Strep Throat

You’re probably a theater actor preparing for that premiere night, working rather hard to make sure you deliver the performance of a lifetime. You can visualize yourself wowing the audience with your deep internalization of your character’s personality, and you’ve gone to rather great lengths to make sure that you inhibit the skin of the role you’re portraying. Of course, after several months of rigorous late night rehearsals, you fail to realize that it’s actually taking a toll on your overall health.

Considering theater is a performance which requires the use of your voice in a modulated manner, it is rather unfortunate for you to discover you have a sore throat. All the hard work you’ve put into your rehearsals just might end up being flushed down the drain.

This condition can come at the most inopportune time, and you can never tell when it might hit you at all. Thus, if you’re one of those individuals who has experienced this, then you will want to know how to cure strep throat with natural remedies.

cure strep throat

One of the best methods of doing so is by using cayenne pepper. A lot of individuals, such as singers and theater performers like yourself, gargle 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper mixed in a glass of warm matter.

Of course, you can adjust the amount of pepper according to your tolerance level, but there have been several people who have stated that upon using this technique, there seems to be much faster relief.

According to them, this is one method which cannot be beaten even with antibiotics, although a few tries may be required. If you want to experience relief in the soonest time possible, gargle the cayenne pepper solution every 15 minutes until you start to feel a lack of soreness in your throat.

Salt water solution is another effective remedy which can relieve you of sore throat. A teaspoon of salt should be combined with a glass of warm water, which you will then need to gargle. This process needs to be repeated several times in a day, as much as possible until the soreness starts to go away.

The reason behind why salt water proves to be such an effective remedy in the fight against sore throat is that salt actually dilates the capillaries in the back of your throat, therefore increasing blood flow as well as the number of bacteria-battling antibodies in that specific area.

Lemon is also another ingredient which proves to be effective in your pursuit for how to cure strep throat. You should gargle a spoon’s worth of lemon juice, combine a drop or two of it in warm water, or even drink some herbal lemon tea along with a bit of honey. The acid contained in lemon actually kills any present bacteria in the throat, thus proving its efficiency.

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