How to Prevent a Hangover in the Morning after a Wicked Drinking Session

The throbbing headache and the sever nausea are unbearable in the morning once you wake up after a night of unlimited drinking. You promise yourself never to drink again, but still end up drinking up alcoholic drinks after a day or two.

Nobody can resist it- the sweetness and contentment of drinking alcohol. Occasionally, this can be a good way to relieve your stress or reward yourself from something you did great. Drinking alcohol always go hand in hand with any party celebration- especially for college students.

Since you will be indulging yourself with this great reward, you might as well suffer the consequences of it the following day. However, did you know that there are ways on how to prevent a hangover?

Do you know there are actually some things you can do so you can do to save yourself from the terrible headache and nauseous feeling the following day? Read on so you would know how to prevent a hangover and function as a well human being after a night of heavy drinking.

prevent hangover

Increase your multivitamin intake before you start drinking. Alcohol decreases the body’s nutrients so increasing your multivitamins will also increase your body’s nutrients to fight the alcohol in your system. In fact, take vitamins not only if you are planning to drink alcohol.

Vitamins usually take days or weeks for its maximum effect; therefore, it is best to religiously take your multivitamins every day. Multivitamins are needed by the body every day, and some vitamins are even excreted through urine, so it is essential and safe to take them once every day.

Before you grab a hold of that alcoholic beverage, try to eat something first. Food can help absorb the incoming alcohol I your body system. Also, when you are full, you tend to drink less, which for some is a good decision.

However, do not over eat before drinking because there is a huge chance you will end up throwing all the food you have taken in all around- and that is the scene you would not want to happen.

Give time for the alcohol to burn with food in your body. If you drink fast, the alcohol will go directly to your bloodstream and may go to your brain- this is when all things go to havoc.

A great tip on how to prevent a hangover is to drink that alcoholic beverage slowly. Also, try sipping some water in between bottles of alcohol. The water will rehydrate your body cells giving you less chances of having a hangover.

Last but not the least, stick into drinking only one kind of alcohol drink! Sure, you want to try every drink that is on the menu, but if you want to save yourself the trouble the following day, you should not drink up all the drinks in the bar because you will end up drinking more than you can usually tolerate.

Now that you know what to do to prevent a hangover, go and have a blast!

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