How to Prevent Hair Fall the Natural Way

Hair fall is a preventable occurrence on our life. It is expected to happen once in our lives due to various scalp conditions. It affects different individuals in different ages, gender or race.

There are lots of reasons why falling of hair from our scalp happens, for some it might be genetic while for some, it can be due to their incorrect ways of treating their hair.

Either way, you can still keep up with hair fall by knowing and applying different ways on how to prevent hair fall. There are lots of products available in the market that can help you with your hair fall problem, but these products may not be suited for you and may cause further damage to your scalp.

Therefore, knowing how to prevent hair fall the natural way is the best way to do it to ensure that you will be free from any side effects or allergies.

prevent hair fall

Heating your hair too much after taking a bath when it’s wet can cause damage to your hair. If possible, avoid using hair dryers to blow dry your hair. The hair is heat sensitive so hair breakage or hair fall can be the possible outcome at the end.

Use a fan or the cool temperature when blow drying your hair because it does not give off heat. Avoid combing your hair while it is still wet, as well. Wet hairs are commonly fragile and have soft tip on the roots therefore you will notice a lot of hair will come out of your scalp when you brush them.

Using a mixture of mustard oil and henna leaves, bring them to boil and strain in a container. You can use this solution in your scalp to strengthen your hair’s attachment to your scalp.

To reduce hair fall, you can grind a couple of tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and pour a cup of water into it. Apply the mixture on your hair and let it stand for 45 minutes.

Wash your hair with warm water afterwards. By doing this procedure regularly for 1 month, you will notice reduction on your hair fall. If there is presence of bald patches on your scalp, you can rub sliced onions on these areas until it reddens, then apply honey on top of it.

This stimulates growth and production of hair on the specified area. Making a homemade shampoo of your own can also do the trick when you want to know how to prevent hair fall.

All you need to do is to mix 5 tablespoons of curd with lemon juice and 2 tablespoon of gram powder. Use it just like a regular shampoo and rinse your hair off with warm water.

There are some situations when hair fall is due to a medical condition. If you have a family history of diabetes of hypertension, you might want to have yourself checked by your physician. There is a possibility that the production of your hair is compromised due to certain medical conditions.

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