How to Prevent Obesity in Children in an Early Age

Research and studies have shown that obesity in children is growing in number and usually affects children in between 2 to 19 years of age. Most of the times, diet is the root cause of this evil that can pose a risk for the children’s health and may lead to greater risks on their health as they continue on with their lives.

Therefore, knowing how to prevent obesity and fight against it is important as early as possible. Here are some tips you should know as to how to prevent obesity in children.

First of all you should understand that obesity is not only your child’s problem, but it is a family problem that every member should be involved in preventing the worsening of the scenario. As a family, make a plan and develop ideas on different ways to live a healthy life through healthy eating habits.

Involve the children in planning and in preparing the meals that you would be joining together. Bring them along when you shop for groceries and give them ideas on which foods are healthy and which foods are not and should be avoided.

Teach them how to eat healthy to stay healthy. Make cooking time a fun family activity for you and your family to bond in preparing the healthy dish. Include fruits and vegetables in your meal with variety of colors which are vibrant to the eyes of the children.

prevent obesity children

Instead of eating in restaurant, spend most of your time eating in your dinner table for a quality time as a family. Special occasion or gatherings can be an excuse for you and your family to dine out. However, you should plan first on where to eat and what type of foods to eat. Make sure you pick the less evil one.

Pack you children’s snack for school. Lunches prepared at school usually are showered with sugar and salt- which are bad for your children’s health. Make sure you prepare a healthy snack that can give them the complete energy to finish their day in school.

As for your children’s dessert, give him fruits instead. They are healthy and they contain lots of vitamins that can help him boost his immune system.

Aside from diet, one way on how to prevent obesity in children also includes exercise. Do physical activities with your whole family such as jogging, jump rope or swimming. Any activity that involves body movement and sweat exertion will do the trick.

After every physical activity, do not forget to replenish your children with plenty of water. Water can help wash away the toxins and our body and it keep your body hydrated throughout the day.

As parents yourselves, you should set a good example for your children. Show them that living a healthy life and eating healthy foods have good effect on your body. You should become role models for your children so they could learn and understand how important staying fit and having a healthy body is. Praise them, as well, if they have done a good job throughout the week.

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