Natural Ways on How to Cure Dry Skin – Do It Yourself Steps

The most common way among cultures on how to cure dry skin is through synthetic cosmetics. This is because as we age, our skin produces lesser natural oil to help retain the moisture.

Others may not know it but there is really no need for you to rely for synthetic cosmetics for dry skin remedy. You may just have it in your kitchen pantry. Yes, you read that right and it is not a joke. Natural treatment is the best way round.

So where do we start on how to cure dry skin? Some herb teas, olive oil, yogurt, and honey are the beginning. Even the variety of seeds and fruits will be helpful too. Here, let us take deeper into such details.

Honey is known to be a natural dry skin remedy because of the substance it has that helps heal the skin. The honey helps remove the dead skin cells from the dry surface and will stimulate for the growth of skin tissues. So in short, it also is an antibacterial remedy.

Even if that skin needs bandage and in severe case, you can put honey to keep the bandage from sticking to the wounded part of the skin.

Now the yogurt can also be one of the ways to cure dry skin. This is because the yogurt acts as a natural moisturizer and can be a skin cleanser. Then the oatmeal can soothe dry skin too as it helps the skin to bog off the dead skin cells.

Then what can serve as an emollient is by cold pressed olive oil. Meaning to say, by using it, it will soften and soothe your skin. Aside from that, it also helps if you have eczema.

The olive oil will scalp as the remedy for your dry skin. Interesting, isn’t it that the olive oil can be used both externally and internally for dry skin? This is the reason why it is considered also as healthy oil.

The body wash and soap makes your skin dry. Make an alternative by trying oatmeal flour in a cloth tea bag just for extra moisture to your body. In fact, this makes a soothing facial mask that is made from the ingredients mentioned above.

The ways to cure dry skin in your face area is to try egg yolk. Others have already proven the effectiveness of egg yolk with a tablespoon of yogurt of mayonnaise. Now that sounds weird really but add honey and mix them to apply to your skin.

Then let it dry for a couple of minutes and wash it with warm water gently. This is very ideal for those who have a very delicate skin because the ingredients are just with utmost care.

If you are to gather herbs, make sure that it does not grow near a busy highway. The fumes of traffic might just harm your skin rather than delivering good result. The ways on how to cure dry skin above will not take so much of your time. And just remember after all that these dry skin solutions will all benefit you in the end process.

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