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How To Apply Eye Makeup

Although you can apply makeup in various parts of your face, making your eyes come alive with proper application of eye makeup, is considered an art by lots of women, since it can really enhance your gorgeous looks. This is actually one of the reasons why a lot of women are now trying to improve their skills in eye makeup application. If you are still on the learning process about applying makeup on your eyes, then you should not hesitate in experimenting on different shades of colors, […]

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How To Apply Makeup

Ladies, even when they were still young girls, are often found playing with makeup kits that belong to their moms or their aunties. This is because they want to mimic their mothers in applying makeup on their faces to enhance their looks. Some girls, as they grow up continue to go through the learning process of applying makeup, while others tend to forget about it, since they become more focused on other things. It is only at the time when they have to apply makeup at work […]

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