Tips on How to Find Percentages

At some point of one’s lives, percentages have sure confused you. However, the truth is they are really just simple. The way on how to find percentages is to work something with 100. Again the symbol (%) is for percentage and in mathematical jargon, it means “out of 100” which is simpler to understand.

Now, if you are on the process of learning how to just do one certain calculation type, learning the percentages is worth enough. You can use it either in sales prices when you go to department stores, restaurants and other daily encounter.

There is really no need for you to be terrified with math. Math can be easily understood as long you take the effort and full understanding of knowing and learning it. There are simple explanations that you could find these days.

The first tip on finding the percentages is to know the percentage of a certain number. Okay, so let us begin with a number. Now divide it by 100 and next is to multiply with the percentage that you are interest to find out.

Like for example, you are in a beach resort and you received the bill of $85 and you wanted to leave a tip of 20%. So, it will be equated as (85/100*20). Isn’t that simple enough? How much do you get then?

tips find percentages

Next process is to clearly understand the percentage number x for y. You can multiply the x by 100 to divide by y. how will that go? If you have a bill this time of $1,400 in the restaurant and the intended monthly expense for this is $3,500, meaning to say you are accumulating the 40 percent for restaurant leisure. This is how you figure it out: 1,400*100/3500.

Now let us figure out how decreasing and increasing a number through percentage is possible.

First is you need to work out the amount whether to decrease or increase a number. For instance you are selling an item. You sold about 10,000 as for this year and your boss told you that he wanted an increase of 20 percent for the sales next year.

How will this be possible to see? How much does he exactly want from the items to sell? The quickest way to know this is 10,000*1.2 (or the 20 percent) = 12,000. It simply means that your boss targets you to sell those items for next year.

You can also see the backward calculations for that percentage which is to decrease by 20 percent which would give you the answer of 8,000. There you have tips on how to find percentages. These are the great points that you need to know about finding the percentages. You can surely excel on something that you need as long as you bear in mind all these points.

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