Ways on How to Prevent Diabetes in an Early Age

According to research, diabetes ranks on the top 6 leading causes of death in the whole world. Just by referring to this note, you can think that diabetes is a medical condition you have to avoid or at least prevent yourself from having it.

Knowing how to prevent diabetes is important because as they say, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is best to know ways and tips on how to prevent diabetes in an early age- the earlier the better.

Diabetes mellitus comes in two different types depending on how you acquired your diabetes. If not for your lifestyle or diet, genetics can also be the one to be blamed for this medical condition.

Considered as a predisposing factor, if your family has a history on diabetes mellitus, you should watch out for yourself and do these steps as to avoid falling into the same pit as your family.

Check for your ideal body weight or ask your physician what is the normal weight you should maintain. The normal weight depends on your age and gender and physicians have charts regarding these normal body weight measurements.

One of the reasons why people acquire diabetes is due to obesity. Too much fat tissues in the body, especially around the middle area increase your chance of having diabetes.

prevent diabetes

If the reason for you developing diabetes mellitus is due to obesity, then you should focus on having a well-planned diet and a good set of exercise. Eat a diet low in fat and sugar.

Minimizing these compounds in our body will decrease the risk for diabetes because in this condition, insulin is unable to convert sugar into body energy. Include a lot of fruit and vegetable in your diet daily.

If possible, prepare a fiber rich diet in your menu. This not only can help you in preventing possible development of diabetes, but it can also prevent other illnesses. Most importantly, increase your oral fluid intake.

Take 8-10 glasses of water every day. Take note, water- it should be plain water not sodas, juices or coffee.

Be active and have physical exercise everyday as a way to control your weight and improve blood circulation throughout your body system. As you can see, the blood viscosity gets thicker when there is too much sugar flowing with it.

If the blood gets too thick, it can stick on the walls of our blood vessels leading to a more serious medical condition. Therefore, it is important to have exercised if you are prone to developing diabetes.

If you family has a history of diabetes, have your blood glucose level checked once you reach the age of 30 or earlier. The age of developing diabetes nowadays are getting younger and younger, so the earlier you have your blood glucose level checked- the better. Aside from the blood glucose level, you should also monitor your blood pressure regularly.

Now that you know how to prevent diabetes, start your day right from this moment and be free from developing diabetes.

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