A Simple Guide on How to Treat a Burn

Usually depending on the depth of the burn, most burns that can be considered as minor burns can heal on their own without medical intervention. There are basic treatments you can do at your home to treat these kind of burns.

These treatments or procedures can help lessen the pain and speed up the healing process of the burnt skin. However, if a more severe burn has happened, basic ideas on knowing how to treat a burn can also help as a first aid approach to normalize the victim before any medical representative has arrived.

As a basic fire protocol, once you saw someone on fire, the first thing you should do is stop the fire. You can do this by extinguishing the fire with water, covering him or her with a blanket.

If you are the one on fire, remember not to panic and do not run around, because this will only hasten up the spread of fire. Instead, stop, drop on the floor and roll around- this can help in extinguishing the fire.

Asses for the person’s pulse and breathing pattern, if none are noticed- do CPR. Check for the extent of the burn injury of the person. You can determine if it is only a minor burn, because it only affects the top layer of the skin.

With this condition, you can simply take home treatments. For larger extent of the burn injury, it is important to call medical assistance as to prevent further damage and to take faster action.

treat burn

Here are some ways on how to treat a burn inside your homes. The first step that you should take is to wash the burnt area in cool water or apply cold compress to stop the burning process.

Apply a sterile dressing or wound dressing and avoid pressure on the affected area. The dressing will protect the wound from any dirt or dust that may cause further infection. Pain is expected in the area of injury therefore taking of over the counter pain relievers to alleviate the pain is necessary.

However, not all over the counter pain reliever drugs can be taken by anyone. Check for any history of allergies or compatibility of other drugs when you are taking maintenance medications. Consult your physician for the right pain reliever drug to take to be sure.

Knowing how to treat a burn is an important thing anyone should know as to be aware of the ideal things one should do in case of any fire accident. Not only can you save other people’s lives, but you could also learn a thing or two on what to do if you are on the same situation.

You may just be an ordinary people, but having a simple knowledge on treating minor burns can make you a hero. Also, the procedures mentioned above not only help in treating in burns, but it also gives you additional information on what to do and what not to do in case of a fire emergency and burn injury.

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