How To Treat An Ear Infection

An ear infection is usually characterized by intense pain inside the ear, which may be accompanied by other symptoms. There are instances when people experience fever and chills with it as well, while others can also have headaches.

On top of that, an ear infection can also lead to a condition called tinnitus, which is usually characterized by constantly hearing a buzzing sound from one of your ears. There are many possible causes behind every ear infection case; however, there are also a number of treatments that can fix it for good.

One of the fastest ways to cure an ear infection is by taking medication for it such as antibiotics. If the ear infection causes pain, then you can also take certain topical or oral analgesics for it, in order to gain relief.

ear infection

Prior to taking medications though, it is advisable to visit a doctor who specializes in this field, so that you are assured of the proper dosage. Depending on the kind of infection that you have, it is also possible for your doctor to let you use ear drops for it.

In addition to these over the counter treatments though, there are also homeopathic remedies that you can practice at the comforts of your own home. Many people actually prefer natural ways of treating ear infection, as well as other types of ailments, since it does not put them at risk to negative side effects.

Aside from that, most natural remedies also provide a more lasting effect, which means that they are not limited to treating the condition, but they can also prevent it from recurring.

One of the more popular natural remedies for an ear infection can be done with the use of onions or garlic. These spices, which you can conveniently find in your kitchen are actually loaded with anti-bacterial properties, which can take care of various conditions, which include an ear infection.

To get started with it, all you have to do is to crushed a good number of garlic cloves while placing it inside a small cloth, then pour its juice into the ear that is infected. Onion juice can also be used this way; and, aside from taking care of the infection, it will also reduce the pain and the swelling.

Aside from garlic cloves and onions, you can also use a lemon balm for your ear infection. This also contains antiseptic properties, which will take care of the infection and facilitate the process of healing.

If you have hydrogen peroxide at your place, you can also use it for your ear infection. This can be used as ear drops for your aching ear.

These are the natural ways of curing ear infection. You need to keep in mind though that if your ear infection has already progressed into something that is quite alarming, then it is best to visit your doctor first.


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