Beauty Tips On How to Apply Concealer Stick

Concealer has probably become the best friend of many, be it men or women. Both men and women can use concealers in many ways possible. Aside from giving individuals a smoother face and look, it can also cover the imperfections on the skin such as a simple pimple or a huge bump. Also, not to mention the effective ways it can conceal the unwanted darkened circles under the eyes.

The outbreaks of pimples or the darkening of the eyes are inevitable, especially if an individual is under a lot of stress. Luckily, concealers are made to cover those unwanted facial disasters especially on a special event or occasion. Concealers can be in liquid, cream or stick types.

However, the concealer stick is the one that is widely used because it is easier and faster to apply. Here are some beauty tips you should know on how to apply concealer stick on your face.

Apply a thin layer of foundation on your face before applying concealer. If you are not comfortable with using foundation as the base of the makeup, you can directly apply concealer to the skin. Apply a small amount of concealer from the stick using your fingers. Put the concealer on the middle of the area to be covered or under the eye area, if you will be covering the darkened circle on the eyes.

If you are not comfortable of using your fingers, you can dab the concealer stick directly to the skin, but this technique does not give accurate results because you will not be able to control the amount of concealer you will be dabbing on the face. Rubbing the concealer stick itself unto the skin will give an uneven skin color.

apply concealer stick

The correct way on how to apply concealer is to draw the concealer outwards of the area you are about to cover by using your fingertips or brush. Blend them well as to mix the concealer with the color of your skin tone.

Make sure to brush the concealer evenly as to cover up the discoloration of the skin.  Use a loose powder to cover up the concealer before it dries up. The powder will protect the concealer from rubbing off during the entire day.

Choosing the right kind of concealer shade will be also important in learning how to apply concealer. A concealer that is one shade lighter to your natural skin tone should be the one that you should choose.

Since the blemishes are usually darker than your natural skin tone, the lightness of the cover up that you will use will conceal the darkness of the blemishes giving you a more even and equally toned complexion making it look more natural.

Once you have chosen the perfect shade for your skin, take note of the brand and name of the shade and use that most of the time if no allergic reactions have occurred. Make sure to remove all make up on your face before you go to bed at night to minimize the risk of infection and other skin irritation.

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