How to Apply Liquid Foundation Properly

The proper way on how to apply liquid foundation can be perfected with more practice. Especially for those who have already mastered the application of liquid foundation in an incorrect way, the process of changing manners on how to apply liquid foundation properly can be a drag.

Since they are used to applying the foundation in their own way, adapting to the correct way on how to apply liquid foundation can be hard for them, but it is essential.

The big difference of applying liquid foundation properly is that it can give you a more natural look, making you look as if you have no make-up on. On the other hand, the improper way of foundation application will give you visible lines along your chin.

Using a foundation brush when applying liquid foundation will help in giving you a more flawless and smooth skin. Due to it round tier bristles on the edges, the brush can blend the liquid foundation evenly on your entire face as to give a smoother and more natural skin complexion.

Before anything else, wash your face with water and a good exfoliating soap with micro beads to remove dead skin cells on your face. Dead skin cells are responsible for creating a blotchy appearance on your face after foundation application.

Apply toner and a light moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type as a finishing touch on your daily face care regimen. If you are having troubles with blemishes or dark circles around your eyes, feel free to use a concealer to cover them up.

Make sure the concealer is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone as to be successful in covering up the dark spots.

apply liquid foundation properly

Apply a pea sized amount of foundation in the back of your hands and sweep the brush back and forth in each side. This is done in order to load the brush’s entire corner with foundation. Brush the foundation into your face beginning on the nose and slowly towards the edge of your face.

Make sure to have short brush strokes in order to blend the foundation evenly on your face. If you have used concealer under the eyes, dot the brush softly on the area as to blend the shade of the concealer as well. Using a large powder brush, use a loose translucent powder on your face to give a smoother appearance.

Dap the brush gently on the powder and tap off the excess powder that may have attached on the brush. Gently brush the powder on your face in a circular movement focusing and giving more attention to the jawline.

Applying the foundation should be the first step before applying any kind of make up on the face because it serves as a base for every make up, making the make up last longer. For some who are not fond of make up or would prefer to have a more natural look, the foundation itself, serves as, not only the base, but the entire make up.

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