How to Apply Foundation – Liquid Based

Knowing how to apply foundation is a needed procedure to be known be every individual- be it men or women. Foundation is applied not just for beauty purposes only, but it can be used for daily skin care techniques.

When you know how to apply foundation correctly, you will be concealing the flaws on your face rather than making them appear more visible. Once you know how to choose the right shade on your face and the proper techniques on how to apply foundation, you will end up with a radiating beautiful and glowing face to show off.

Before doing anything else with your face, it is important to wash your face with water and soap. Remove excess oil and dirt on the face before applying anything on it as to minimize the risk of pimple formation or skin irritation.

Applying make-up on a dirty face will only accumulate the dirt and build up unwanted acnes. After washing the face, apply a thin layer of moisturizer on the face depending on your skin type. If you are planning to be exposed under the sunlight, make sure to use a moisturizer with sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays.

apply foundation

Liquid foundations are commonly use because it can keep your skin moisturized all throughout the day. Pick the correct shade of liquid foundation that complements your skin tone. To test the shade of the foundation, apply a small amount and rub it evenly on your jawline, instead on your dingers or wrist.

Choosing the right shade may take a lot of trial and errors, but once you have found the right one, make sure to take note of the brand and the name of the shade, and stick with it, if possible.

Put small drops of liquid foundation on your finger to achieve the maximum coverage of the face upon application. Use the middle or ring finger on your dominant hands to do all the work in application and spreading the liquid foundation.

Focus on small areas of your face and you must be able to blend the foundation with your skin before the liquid dries out. If you are uncomfortable using your fingers in applying liquid foundation, you can use a sponge instead.

However, using a sponge to spread the liquid foundation on your face is not recommended because the sponge can absorb the liquid foundation, living your product into waste. Work across your neck as well so the uneven skin tone of your face and neck will not be noticed. If you are planning to wear a low back cut dress, it is also advisable that you apply foundation on your back.

Similar to any other makeup products, it is a must that you wash your face with soap and water before going to sleep. This can be a good way to keep your skin healthy and irritation free. Do not leave make up on your face while you sleep because this is not a healthy skin care practice.

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