How to Apply Bronzer in Quick and Easy Ways

If you know how to apply bronzer, you will be given that sun-kissed glow in your skin even without the need of stepping out into the light. It can be done in quick and easy steps so you can have a brighter and blooming face to show the entire day.

Knowing how to apply bronzer can be easy once you know the right techniques and use the right tools for it.  Bronzing power has become so far and has become one of the most widely used products around the world.

With applying bronzer the correct way, you will save yourself from exposing under the sun, yet still get that natural tan look in a snap of the fingers. Here are some helpful tips on how to apply bronzer for it to be effective.

Choosing the right shade of bronzer is the first step in applying bronzer. Depending on your natural skin tone, you should pick the bronzer shade that is a few shades darker than your skin or the exact tone of your skin if you were tanned.

For blondes, pink tinted bronzers are the most effective shade for them while orange tinted bronzers are applicable for brunettes.  After choosing the right color, choose a large round ended brush to be used for the application of the bronzer.

apply bronzer

Apply a thin coat of translucent powder in order to absorb the excess oil on the face and make the bronzer appear as a natural glow in the skin. Dab the round ended soft brush on the bronzing powder evenly to all parts of the brush and tap off the excess powder.

Apply the brush directly into the areas of the face where it gets tanned normally when exposed to the sunlight. The forehead, nose and top of the cheeks are usually the areas where bronzer should be applied. Start with a sweeping motion beginning from the top of the forehead making its way down to the nose and lastly to the top of the cheeks.

Start off lightly and slowly increase the color as to even out with the shade that you prefer. Check the tone of the bronzer on your face with natural lighting or with daylight to make sure that you have not overdone the application.

Here are some tips regarding bronzers you should know about. First of all, bronzers can be washed off after taking a shower therefore it does not affect your skin color in any way. If you want to have a permanent tan color, you would need to expose yourself under the sun.

Avoid using bronzers that are too dark in shade because they will not look good and appear unnatural.  Bronzers will only make your skin look glowing or tan, however if you want to have a more shine or shimmer on your face, you can use powders that contain a little shimmer with them. If you are planning to apply bronzers, make sure not to apply too much foundation because your complexion will look unnatural and too orange at times.

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